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Discover Your True Genius ...
Are you looking to discover your True Genius ... share the unique gifts you're born to share, and live the life you're meant to live?  If so, then watch this ...

"Julie Ann has literally changed my life - and she's changed my family's life ... it's transformational - and it's also linked in to who you really are ..."
What is it Like to Work with Julie Ann Turner?
What's it REALLY like to work with Julie Ann?

Listen in to get a real sense of what you'll experience ... "caring ... trustworthy ... truly sees ME ... sense of humor ... sees potentials I don't see ... crystal clear guidance and simple steps forward ... I'm living my dream ... ."
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REVIEWS (Success Stories)
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Jacqueline Shaulis
Jacqueline Shaulis is now an international speaker, bestselling author, 6-figure entrepreneur, inspirational Mom to her son Eli, and a global traveler - as Founder and "Empress of Awesome" at Embrace Your Awesome ... all with Julie Ann's guidance.
Karen O'Donnell
Dr. Karen O'Donnell was a successful dentist - with an even bigger dream (and a multitude of talents to share) ... with Julie Ann's guidance, she combined her gifts of speaking and humor to create the hottest new storytelling show in Chicago - Homewood Stories - which has sold-out every show since it's opening day - now 5 years running!  Big dream? See how to realize it!
Karl Zimmer
As a former CEO, and community leader, Karl had held the vision to write his own books - for both adults and youth - for years ... but it was Julie Ann's guidance that not only helped Karl get his first book published - but also secure media coverage, speaking and consulting engagements, and much more. 
Shukria Dellawar
Through her work with Julie Ann, Shukria, a globally recognized peacebuilder, has developed and is launching ARTISTS ACTIVISTS ALLIANCE – aligning artists with platforms (actors, directors, visual and performance artists, etc.) in collaboration with established global activists who, together, can more powerfully impact peace and social justice. Shukria is respected voice for peace at the highest levels in the US – regularly briefing Congress, legislators, the State Department, & the UN on peacebuilding priorities. Shukria is also a divine poet in her own right - publishing under The Stillpoint Pen, the creative brand she developed with Julie Ann - and is also writing her memoir. She published her first book of spiritual poetry, The Conversation - and is now answering her soul's larger call to share her voice (poetry, short stories & more) in a greater way. Have your own creative calling?
Wendy Horng Brawer
Wendy is now sharing her life's work, her leadership as a voice for Asian and minority/diverse women, and is planning her TEDx Talk - all through her work with Julie Ann. Wendy's life work is to inspire others to live UNBOUND – to unbind your limitations, uncover your dreams, unleash your whole Soul Self expressed, especially relevant for Asian/minority women bound by traditions, culture, gender, roles - through her powerful origin story, drawn from her family background, symbols & Chinese heritage. Ready to share & monetize your life's Great Work?
Carla Macapinlac
Carla excelled in her corporate job - amd started working with Julie Ann when she felt a strong calling to shift to her own Body of Work - to include a book, mentoring, workshops and moreJulie Ann helped her map out her book title, cover and detailed outline - and very quickly Carla wrote her best-selling book, Vade Mecum: An Always-Present Guide to Your Divine Path. Together, they developed Carla's brand, Always Present Guidance, and framed the positioning around her book promotion and launch. She is now a published author, hosting popular, paid workshops, being featured alongside other transformational leaders. Moving from corporate or other job to your own Great Work?
Anouche Babayan
Anouche rose from being an employee to a full partner in her firm in Paris, with Julie Ann's mentorship - enabling her to boost consulting fees by 10x, expand the firm's international offerings - and move into a new flat in the chic Marais District in Paris ...
Justine Arian
Justine had a big vision - and a program she'd been wanting to create and launch for 3 years (and so many gifts to share through it) - but on her own she found herself stalled ... yet, once she and Julie Ann started working together, Justine was able to create and launch her new program in less than 3 months - and most important, to see her even bigger, unified, brilliant Body of Work emerging, as well - inspiring Mom's to balance their multiple passions as parents, partners, entrepreneurs, creators in their work and life.
Rita Payeur
Rita shifted from working as a social worker/ therapist, making a very low hourly rate - to founding Maturessence helping women thrive, and earning up to 5x her original income ... she's now known internationally, speaking and presenting workshops in Paris and across France, Morocco, and India ...

"A year ago I was dreaming that I would be where I am today. It is the magic of your guidance, Julie Ann, plus the magic and support of our fellow visionaries.”
Cindy Conley
Cindy is now a successful musician, with a best-selling album, 2 music videos, a top-20 Pure Gospel song, a concert tour, and is now a featured performer/singer on a weekly national TV show (including Don Frost's Christmas Special on TCN). She says: "I had been to other coaches, and I had spent a fortune ... this time, with Julie Ann's guidance, my 40-year dream is happening." Through connections made through her work with Julie Ann, Cindy was quickly on her way to Nashville, to record her FIRST SINGLE! - with a legendary producer and studio. And - there was more! Now - a sponsor for her first 12-SONG ALBUM (Julie Ann is thanked at the top of her album liner notes). Cindy's life's work is about creating a movement (a "Cascade of Light" - through concerts and music in communities) to lift others up - no matter their challenges. What's YOUR Dream? 
See full case study below.
Vida Groman
Vida, a master coach, speaker and trainer, is publishing her new Book (a lifelong dream), with a series of her poetry books to follow. Through her work with Julie Ann, she has gained clarity, belief and boldness in her message and branding - and landed a coveted speaking slot on the prestigious "Listen to Your Mother" showcase. Vida presented her signature "Evening's Sharing" of her own "One-Woman Show," and hosts successful paid mentoring and group programs. 

Know you're meant to speak, publish your book, and more? 

Keely Crook

Keely Crook is a courageous force - and in spite of the odds (working full-time as a single Mom, rising out of challenging relationship, healing from loss of her twin sister), she's tackled and overcome every obstacle. And, on top of all that, remarkably, she also serves as a town Alder on her city council - calling out the toxic tactics (and toxic leaders) infusing politics, so much so she's already considered a folk hero in her town. We helped Keely share and monetize her already-rising message about toxic manipulation and abuse in all its forms (personal and professional) - so others can benefit from her message, lessons and leadership.

Are you ready to rise above and stand out as a modern Renaissance Woman leader?
Realize Your Life's Dream

My 40-Year Dream Realized - Cynthia Romahn/Cindy Orsita-Conley
"I had been to other coaches, and I had spent a fortune ... this time, with Julie Ann's guidance, my 40-year dream is happening."
> Click video below to follow Cindy's remarkable journey to her life's dream.
(Listen to the entire video - to see what was different for Cindy - this time!)
Cindy launched her life's work - creating a movement
(a "Cascade of Light" - through concerts and music in communities) to lift others up - no matter their challenges.
The visionaries I guide to realize their dreams in our global community are multitalented, Renaissance women with BIG Visions - writers, speakers, teachers, artists, healers, musicians, coaches/ mentors, community leaders and more - here to weave all their gifts together to contribute to changing the world in a significant way.
What happened next?
Through connections made through her work with Julie Ann, Cindy was on her way to Nashville, to record her FIRST SINGLE! - with a legendary producer and studio.
And - there was more!
Now - a sponsor for her first 12-SONG ALBUM.
Cindy's Big Vision - her 40-year dream - is bigger than any one single or even an album (these are significant milestones - but she's not in it just for accolades or ego). Click below to see Cindy's music video.
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Annie Powell
Annie worked for years providing high value to the individuals and organizations she guided with her own innovative tools - but it wasn't until Julie Ann helped her package and position her true value and her signature system properly that she began to be compensated at the level worthy of the value she provides. She now earns 3X more per client what she was previously - and has added new streams of income, as well.

Listen: "This is exactly what I needed ..."
Aline Munsch
Julie Ann, I give you credit for holding the high vision with me when the critic in me was speaking louder than a crowd.” 
Aline’s in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and she’s now realizing her consciousness-shifting vision – of guiding women in traditionally patriarchal cultures, like in the Middle East, to begin, for the first time, to claim their true voice and power.  
Suzanne Falter
Already a bestselling author, Suzanne was ready to discover what her "next BIG piece of work" would be ...

Working with Julie Ann, she found the process she said "really gave me the clarity to step into WHO I AM AS A LEADER -
to really have that bigger vision" - and most of all, to "get that I CAN DO THIS" ...
RAVES (What People are Saying...)

Officially "award-winning screenwriter" now!

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